Mission Wise

Jason Johnson, Nicole Wilke

Perhaps you’re wrestling with a mission strategy that doesn’t change much year after year—continuing forward in the way your church has “always done it.” You want to see change, to set a clear and compelling global engagement strategy for your church moving forward, but you

don’t know where to start. You genuinely want to serve vulnerable children, families, and communities around the world with wisdom, excellence, and dignity, but how? It feels overwhelming at times, right?

We want to make it simple. This book curates some of today’s best practices, principles, and people to give you the clarity and confidence you need take your next best step forward in your global missions strategy.

Through a dynamic integration of Scripture and science, you’ll discover what the most current research says about best practices for global engagement in things like short-term mission trips, child sponsorship programs, forming strategic partnerships, family-based care of children and more, you’ll be encouraged by how that scientific research works to affirm what Scripture has already established as true and right about caring for the vulnerable—and you’ll be inspired by new ideas and fresh vision as you to take your next best steps forward in caring for the most vulnerable around the world.

Paperback: 192 pages
Credo House Publishers