The God Who Breathes

Kurt Dillinger
In The God Who Breathes, we will consider the multidimensional impact of God’s breath on our lives. His breath often looks like passion, love, joy, calm, and contentment. It touches the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our being. It offers purpose, meaning, and direction for our lives. It addresses every aspect of our lives.

We’ll see how essential God’s life-giving presence is to every corner of our life. How a lower regard for him always produces a tragic—and often fatal—disregard for one another. We’ll see successful and not-so-successful strategies for defending the value of human life around the world. We’ll talk about how you can become a life-giver right where you stand today.

So, let’s draw near and learn from this God who breathes life. Let’s learn how we can breathe along with him, giving life to those around us. Let’s learn how his breath can restore this broken world—not to mention our own souls.

Paperback: 184 pages
Credo House Publishers