I Heart Heaven

Tracy H. Goza, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist Tracy H. Goza has heard a variety of people’s stories regarding Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). The amazing NDEs and Scriptures she shares in her book I Heart Heaven support her theory that God is showering the Western world with dreams, visions, and NDEs to enable people to see him. He has made these Near-Death Experiences unforgettable, with amazing scenery, the revelation of incredible insights, and beautiful portrayals of his love.

Tracy believes that God is bringing people to himself and prodding millions to start talking about the afterlife through heart-to-heart conversations over coffee, at bedside visits with dying loved ones, and everywhere in between. God pursues people and has an amazing home prepared for those who know him. Those who seek God will find him, leaving them to simply say—I Heart Heaven.

Paperback: 168 pages
Credo House Publishers