When Doing Isn’t Enough . . . Waiting Is Plenty

Mary Detweiler
As we walk with Christ, there are times he calls us to wait, and there are times he calls us to act. At various times during her walk with Christ, Mary experienced both times of waiting and times of acting. This book is about the waiting times.

Waiting is not popular in our modern society; immediate gratification is popular. We want what we want now, and we do everything possible to get whatever it is we want right away and avoid waiting. God, however, appears to like waiting and seems to require it of anyone who will be used by him, particularly those who will be used in a significant way. He uses these times of waiting to grow our character.

With the exception of Jesus, each of the individuals (both biblical and modern-day) discussed in this book is an ordinary human being. They are not superheroes or extraordinary people. They are ordinary human beings called to do extraordinary things and prepared by God to accomplish these things. Part of that preparation was a time of waiting.

Paperback: 132 pages
Credo House Publishers