Larry Elie
Didymus (Greek for twin) of the Bible has been called “Doubting Thomas” because he needed to see in order to believe, just as many people do today. In this historical novel, Thomas was expected to work hard in the shadow of his favored, elder twin brother, who would eventually inherit the family vineyard in Galilee. Posturing and conflict between the identical twins characterized the boys’ home life from an early point. One evening Thomas tasted wine created from a wedding in Cana—a miracle that would change his life forever.

Telling his family about Jesus became his top priority, but Thomas didn’t have all the answers yet. His leaving the vineyard to follow Jesus made him appear disloyal to his family. Would his testimony of “impossible” miracles be deemed trustworthy? How could he convince his equally stubborn and doubting twin of the truth? How could his family ever find true peace? Effectively witnessing to those we care about is something we still deal with today.

Paperback: 384 pages
Credo House Publishers