Mountains of Mercy

Lavone D. Genzink, with Latayne C. Scott
How do people deal with the losses of health, loved ones, and dreams? Meet Lavone Genzink, whose life’s challenges could be compared to those of the long-suffering Job of the Bible. After the man of her dreams became her husband, her first pregnancy was accompanied by news that her husband had brain cancer. And following the births of two more beautiful children came a catastrophic automobile accident that left tragedy in its wake. In trying to rebuild her health and family life, with the delight of four more children came unimaginable trials affecting various family members: disabilities, transplants, and a life of caregiving. Lavone shows that faith can indeed be maintained when happily-ever-after doesn’t happen, and triumphant joy rises above circumstances.

Paperback: 184 pages
Credo House Publishers