Clementine M. Msengi
Spared is the gripping story of a young girl’s harrowing escape from one of the worst genocides in human history. It recounts the author’s direct experiences during the Rwandan tragedy that resulted in the deaths of over one million people. Deeply rooted in her unflagging faith in God, Clementine Msengi’s memoir offers readers a rare glimpse into the life and culture of pre-genocide Rwanda.

The book details how she eluded marauding killers with the help of unlikely allies, and it recounts her unsettling experiences as a frightened refugee. In the end, Spared highlights Msengi’s ultimate victory through becoming an American citizen, an award-winning community leader, and a respected academic. The book is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind adventure told in the author’s own voice.

Paperback: 360 pages
Credo House Publishers