Seeking God

Steven L. Skahn
God, if he exists, should be able to declare both that he exists and who he is. While various religions assert he has done so, it is unclear to most which, if any, of these religions may be true. Why does God let this state of affairs exist? This book suggests that the answer may lie in God’s desire that we seek him. It may be beneath the dignity of God to declare himself to people who make no effort to know him.

The book further argues that if we truly seek God we will find him. If we look at the role love plays in our lives, we will see that it is the most precious thing in our existence. In contrast, selfishness is the most destructive part of our existence. If we were to learn from these truths, and earnestly set our hearts on always loving, and never being selfish, we would make a discovery: we have a problem that can only be solved in Jesus Christ.

Paperback: 128 pages
Credo House Publishers