My Father Journey

Edward Wandell
When out-of-control events threaten our world, it can quickly feel like a barren and lonely wilderness as we stumble in our steps. Our hope is for God to hear our cry for help and place us back on solid footing. We know God is a God of hope, healing, and restoration, but in the midst of our troubles, we may encounter what feels like a silent and passive God. Our desert then descends into a fog of gloom and confusion. We stagger about and our resolve to do the right thing is tested. We may not even know what the right thing is because our path is obscured.

In the battle of our hurt and uncertainty we have a choice of either a path of hope or hopelessness—a journey of self or a faith-filled journey of the Father.

In your uninvited journey, what path will you choose?

Paperback: 136 pages
Credo House Publishers