When God Showed Up

Ben Patterson
“What happened in the 1990s at Hope, and is still happening, is nothing short of remarkable and spectacular—a dramatic and massive work of the Holy Spirit producing conversions and spiritual renewal and a call to missions and Christian ministry on a grand scale.

“I call it a ‘revival,’ not only because the word is accurate, but also because it has been the common term used throughout American history for this kind of event. A ‘revival’ at Hope was for years what many had prayed for. That’s the proper noun I started to use as the title of this book, ‘A Memoir of the Hope Revival.’

“The story of the Hope College revival is a great story. I only hope I can do it justice.”

From Chapter 1, An Exclamation Point (Or why I wrote this memoir)

Paperback: 216 pages
Credo House Publishers