Forgive and Forgotten

Donna Kemper

Forgive and Forgotten is a true story of caring for a difficult parent with Alzheimer’s. But there’s more. Throughout this story God turns hurt into forgiveness, pain into love, and shattered relationships into wholeness, helping to answer these questions:• How do we honor parents who are difficult?

• How do we care for someone who never cared for us?

• What happens when we radically trust God enough to forgive?

• What happens when we really trust His promises?

There are books that talk about the sadness of losing a loved one, and others that address the practical aspects of caregiving. This book details a situation that’s not all that unusual but is not often discussed: caring for difficult people. How does God show up in the midst of that? Will we notice when He does? Will we open up our lives to seeing and hearing Him in the uproar of caring for someone you don’t even like?

Paperback: 136 pages
Credo House Publishers