Religious Rebels

Christy Lynne Wood
Something is wrong. It’s become common for Christian celebrity leaders and organizations to be caught in corruption and public failure. Former believers are deconstructing their faith to the point of abandoning it. Many of us have experienced deep pain and resulting disillusionment because of things that happened at church or at the hands of other Christians. Are we missing something? What if there’s more?

What if the doubts, questions, and rebellious rumblings in our hearts are good? What if they are exposing a fake god and a broken religious system? What if our questions are pushing us to find a real God who is bigger and better than we’ve ever dreamed?

Christy spent her teens and early twenties in a cultic sub-group of Christianity characterized by legalism, twisted Scripture, and lies. But Jesus found her anyway. Getting to know the real Jesus changed everything. A people pleaser and good girl by nature, Christy began to feel a strange rebellion creeping into her heart. Religious Rebels shares Christy’s journey while exposing familiar lies she has noticed in mainstream Christianity. With stories, humor, and grace, she encourages her readers to embrace their own questions and doubts as they begin an awkward search for the real Jesus.

Paperback: 152 pages
Credo House Publishers