Fulfilling the King’s Mission

Betty Ivie Nwabineli

Every life should be lived with purpose, mission, vision, and philosophy. And there is no greater supplier of these traits than a life spent in pursuit of God’s missions.

What are you willing to devote your time, effort, spirit, and soul to? Are you willing to learn to develop an awareness of God’s goodness, to celebrate that goodness, to share your testimony of it, and to raise kingdom heirs for the next generations? Are you ready to spend it fulfilling the King’s mission?

While Fulfilling the King’s Mission is primarily addressed to women, it contains secrets and nuggets every reader—male and female, young and old, single and married—can learn from. In this book, Dr. Betty Nwabineli shares how leaning into the King’s mission sets you on a Christ-centered trajectory. She teaches every reader how our mission is not a pursuit of perfection, but for excellence. She gathers personal, philosophical, and biblical examples to help guide the reader to become an:

  • Excellent Homemaker
  • Excellent Wife
  • Excellent Parent
  • Excellent Marketplace Minister

Paperback: 248 pages
Credo House Publishers