What Does It Take To Get To Heaven?

Timothy W. Burrow
Tim Burrow lost his wife, the love of his life, to cancer. On the 
night she died, he pleaded to God to be with her some day in heaven.
 But he did not know how to get there. Having been disillusioned by 
conflicting answers on what it takes, he rolled up his sleeves to find the 
answer for himself.

Trained as a lawyer to be thorough, for seven years he studied 
Scripture meticulously, met with ministers of various denominations,
 and considered opinions by some of the most respected theologians 
of the last 400 years. He then compiled and explained the relevant
 Scriptures, including those that at first appear to conflict with other
 Scriptures on the subject, in a way that readers can learn for themselves 
what it takes to get to heaven.

Living by the Scriptures in this book will not only provide assurance
 of your place in eternity, but you will also learn how some of the joy of
 heaven will come to you in this life. Embrace it. The best is ahead of you!

Paperback: 190 pages
Credo House Publishers