The Circle of Life

Linda Bauters
No one knows what the future has in store, and the road is rarely straight but has many turns, ruts, and zig-zags. The stories relayed in this book provide a glimpse of the challenges that face the person receiving care and the caregiver alike. As a caregiver I have journaled my experiences over many years as an outlet to privately express myself, not with the intention of writing a book.

It is easier to be complacent and accepting when dealing with the suffering of our children, parents, and others; it is harder but vastly more rewarding to embrace the hardship of others, accepting what cannot be changed while giving comfort, dignity, and support whenever possible. Life is not a gift to be taken for granted but an opportunity to strive to make each day count and to positively impact others, whether strangers or the loved ones we are caring for.

Paperback: 104 pages
Credo House Publishers