inspirational |in spe ra sh enl| creative, passionate

Credo House authors are inspirational, and so are their books. This category is the heart of our publishing program, books that combine reflection, guidance, and consolation.

18 Days of Grace

Nate Weeber, Anna Weeber | Buy Now

A Limp of Faith

Suzanne Rood | Buy Now

A Place to Belong

Lisa Steven, Susy Flory | Buy Now

A Sense of Direction

Mary Beth Oostenbrug | Buy Now

A Spoonful of Grace

Annette Hubbell | Buy Now

Adelina Aviator

Jessica Vana | Buy Now

ALL IN Orphan Care

Jason Johnson | Buy Now

An Unlikely Discipler

Cary K. Curry, Dann Denny | Buy Now

Angelia’s Story

Angelia Thornton | Buy Now

Before We Said Hello

Becky Nordquist | Buy Now

Billy & Dave: From Brokenness to Blessedness

Bill and Helen Brownson (Words of Hope) | Buy Now

Bring Him to Me

Sally Ann Zito | Buy Now

Celebrating Christmas

Amy Boucher Pye, Leo Pye | Buy Now

Daddy, Why Are You Going to Jail?

Stephen P. Lawson, Elyse Harvey Lawson, Blake S. Lawson | Buy Now

Divine Opportunity

Ryan Montague | Buy Now

Empty Branch: A Memoir

Marilyn Weisenburg | Buy Now


Lisa Lewis Koster | Buy Now

Eyes Wide Open

Steve DeWitt | Buy Now

Fancy Pants Finds True Beauty

Deb Woodard, Rachel Baines | Buy Now

Following Christ

Scott Gruber | Buy Now

Fulfilling the King’s Mission

Betty Ivie Nwabineli | Buy Now

God Is Good All the Time

Kenneth L. Barker | Buy Now

God’s Job, Our Job

Michael Wm. Schick | Buy Now

Grow in Faith toward Maturity

Deborah J. Nayrocker | Buy Now

Helping People Grow

John Dehnert | Buy Now

Holding on for Life

Jeff R. Brooks | Buy Now

I Am Hagar

Kinita Kadnar Schripsema | Buy Now

I Am Third

Kinita Schripsema | Buy Now

I Heart Heaven

Tracy H. Goza, Ph.D. | Buy Now

I Remember When

Mary Dykstra | Buy Now


Matthew Connally | Buy Now

Immeasurably More

Linda Aalderink | Buy Now

In Over My Head

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence

Philip Darke and Keith McFarland | Buy Now

In Spirit and in Truth

Brian D’souza | Buy Now

Leaning on God’s Hope

Jamie Tidd, Ann Byle | Buy Now

Leaving a Legacy

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Live Healthy, Live Whole

Carol Peters-Tanksley, MD, DMin | Buy Now

Living on the Waves

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

Looking for God

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor

Timothy and Miriam Harris | Buy Now

Marriage Rendezvous

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now


Joan M. Borton | Buy Now


Jay Morris | Buy Now

Mountains of Mercy

Lavone D. Genzink, with Latayne C. Scott | Buy Now

My Father Journey

Edward Wandell | Buy Now

Mysterious Ways

Heather Groth | Buy Now

No Border Land

Tom Graffagnino | Buy Now

Perfect Timing

Roy M. Jones | Buy Now

Pizza Man

Jerry Thompson with Ines I. Perez-Thompson, illustrated by Nancy Munger | Buy Now

Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees: Devotions for Young Children

Susan Damon, illustrated by Scott Holladay | Buy Now

Ready for More

Sara Blakeney | Buy Now

Reframing Foster Care

Jason Johnson | Buy Now

Religious Rebels

Christy Lynne Wood | Buy Now

Rescued for a Reason

Larry Van Oosten, Connie Van Oosten, A. L. Rogers | Buy Now


Mitch Bakker | Buy Now

Restoration Road

Mitch Kruse with Derek Williams | Buy Now


Pat Nemmers | Buy Now

Seasonings: Autumn

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Spring

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Summer

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Winter

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Second Mother

Jodi Jackson Tucker | Buy Now

Seek Ye First

Karen Lafferty, Becky Hefty | Buy Now

Seeking God

Steven L. Skahn | Buy Now

Sentenced to Life

Joan Becker | Buy Now

Seven Boxes

Dr. Bobbi Alba | Buy Now

Shelby Finds Her Family

Barbara Groendyk, Rachel Baines | Buy Now

So You’re Gonna Be A Dad

Scott Patchin (Moments for Fathers) | Buy Now


Clementine M. Msengi | Buy Now

Spiritual Fitness

Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell | Buy Now

Stay Married for Life

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Still with God

Sue McCormack | Buy Now


Stephen McCormick | Buy Now

Taking Care of Me

Teresa Payne | Buy Now

The Circle of Life

Linda Bauters | Buy Now

The Healing of Jabez

John W. Mauck (Mauck & Baker, LLC) | Buy Now

The Honesty of Lamentations

Kelly Vander Woude | Buy Now

The Honesty of the Psalms

Kelly Vander Woude | Buy Now

The Indwelling

Dr. Ferdinand Nweke | Buy Now

The Words: Jesus of Nazareth

Lee Cantelon, editor | Buy Now

Three Little Decisions

Janet K. Marks | Buy Now

Thrill: When Normal Is Not Enough

Karl Clauson (Lifelane 180) | Buy Now

Tommy Tablet at Niagara Falls

Julie Prantera, illustrated by Kevin Finkbeiner | Buy Now


Steve Siler | Buy Now

Twice Blessed

Shelly Genovese-Calhoun | Buy Now

Two Stories of Everything

Duane Alexander Miller | Buy Now

Two to One

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Unlocking Love

Stacey Szczepanski | Buy Now


Jamie Bennett | Buy Now

Vessels that Thrive

Dr. Ryan E. Bentley | Buy Now


Stephen A. Imbeau, Robert A. Norris | Buy Now

Wave by Wave

Cheryl Steele Tinsley | Buy Now

When God Showed Up

Ben Patterson | Buy Now

Where Is Chloe?

Donna A. Wilkins, M.D., illustrated by Nancy Munger | Buy Now

Wilderness Survival

James Molenbeek | Buy Now

Yogadevotion: Practicing in the Presence

Cindy Senarighi, Heidi Green | Buy Now


Doug Smith | Buy Now