organizational |or gan i za sh enl| connected, purposeful

Credo House is proud to work with some of the leading authors and organizations anywhere. This category represents our fastest-growing book group with resources by experts in business, relationships, creativity, and personal finance.

Christ-centered Leadership at Work

James DeVries, Rick Sessoms | Buy Now

Less Chaos, More Cash

Aaron J. Crowley (Granite Concepts) | Buy Now

Let’s Talk!

Todd Pheifer | Buy Now

Mission Wise

Jason Johnson, Nicole Wilke | Buy Now

Put the Win Back in Your Sales

Dan Kreutzer (The Samurai Group) | Buy Now

Reframe and Rewire

Michelle L. Steffes | Buy Now

Rhyming With Orange

Don Perini, MFA | Buy Now

The Elevate Paradigm

Zachary Malito | Buy Now

The God Who Breathes

Kurt Dillinger | Buy Now

The Perfect Search

Tommy Thomas (People Management) | Buy Now

The Seven-Day Financial Makeover

Eric J. Hoogstra, Ph.D. (Grand Valley State University) | Buy Now

We Before Me

Michael Gilpin | Buy Now