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Write with Excellence 201
Joyce K. Ellis

“If you are at the beginning of your writing career, you are fortunate to hold this book in your hands. Joyce K. Ellis’s brilliant, informative, and accessible book will save you hundreds of hours of learning everything the hard way. If you are well along in your career, this book is guaranteed to teach you things you didn’t know before. Either way, I advise you to keep this book on your shelf, right between your dictionary and your thesaurus. It’s that good.”

Robert Hudson, author, The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style: 4th Edition

Paperback: 328 pages
Credo House Publishers


18 Days of Grace
Nate Weeber, Anna Weeber

In September 2016 Nate and Anna Weeber experienced tragedy and triumph during “18 days of grace.” This true story tells of the miracles they saw God perform, the obstacles that He overcame, and a community that came together in such a tangible way the couple can’t help but go away praising God for all they saw and heard. 18 Days of Grace includes the actual Facebook posts Nate posted at the time of the aneurysm to the tens of thousands of prayer warriors who were following their story. As featured on The 700 Club, Fox News, People magazine, and Women’s World magazine.

Paperback: 96 pages
Credo House Publishers


Empty Branch: A Memoir
Marilyn Weisenburg

Marilyn’s health was deteriorating, then the week after she lost her career, two soldiers in dress uniform knocked on her door telling her the worst news about her son, David, serving in Iraq.

Empty Branch is the story of a mother’s deepest grief, told with raw vulnerability and tenacious faith in the God of Mystery. As Marilyn leans into the language of lament, she finds that a God who is present gives her a wide open space to grieve honestly, and hope and healing emerge from the ashes.

Paperback: 292 pages
Credo House Publishers


Journey to the Nations
Mark Sigmon

In the quiet excitement of personal study or in the company of others, get ready to explore your greatest mission. One day your journey will lead you to heaven, but for now it leads to the nations—whether you ever leave home or not. This is not a missions course for a few: it’s a discipleship study for us all because we all have a part in God’s plan to reach the world.

Paperback: 40 pages
Credo House Publishers


Liberate Your Praying Heart
John W. Frye

Are you ready to become deeply confident about your prayer life?

“In this bold book, John Frye informs his readers that one by one they are born to pray and are praying far more than they perhaps know.”

— From the Foreword by Dr. Scot X. McKnight
author of Praying with the Church

Paperback: 112 pages
Credo House Publishers


In Over My Head
Ammie Bouwman

Have you ever struggled with something that you thought was too big for God? Perhaps it was a failed marriage or bankruptcy or maybe even an illness that you were told you would have for the rest of your life? Ammie Bouwman struggled with each of these things and more, and she discovered that when she finally admitted she was in over her head and needed God to restore her life, that was when He reached down and pulled her up from the depths of her darkness. This is her story.

Paperback: 160 pages
Credo House Publishers