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Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees: Devotions for Young Children
Susan Damon, illustrated by Scott Holladay

Enter a child’s world, a world of popcorn clouds and bubblegum trees, a world of imagination and adventure and fun—but also a world where a loving God is never far away.

Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees is a book of twenty-six story-devotionals, one for each letter of the alphabet, meant to be read to young children from ages 4 to 8. Actually, the whole family will enjoy listening in on these imaginative and lively stories that gently lead us into the presence of God. Each story is accompanied by a brief Scripture reading and a suggested prayer.

Paperback: 64 pages
Credo House Publishers


A Spoonful of Grace
Annette Hubbell

About two minutes! That’s how long it takes to read each of these mealtime reflections. A Spoonful of Grace is a collection of 366 thought-provoking, gratitude-building, supercharged daily graces. Each prayer is accompanied by a companion Bible verse and a conversation starter—impactful yet brief enough to hold the attention of hungry kids.

Paperback: 444 pages
Credo House Publishers


Yogadevotion: Practicing in the Presence
Cindy Senarighi, Heidi Green

Yogadevotion is a book of weekly devotions for use in a pose-based, asana practice. The devotions will deepen your practice experience and create additional space for God to be present in your life. Each week’s devotion opens with Scripture from the Old Testament or New Testament and includes the contemplative practices of reading sacred text, reflection, meditation, and breath prayer. The devotions describe a practice of faith lived both on and off of the yoga mat, leading to spiritual growth and healing.

Paperback: 186 pages
Credo House Publishers


Divine Opportunity
Ryan Montague

This is a challenging and convicting reminder of the many ways God desires to use each of us in daily conversation with others, yet how often we miss His direction and guidance as we are distracted by technology and sheer busyness.

More than twenty inspiring stories and countless practical tips reveal the difference between the unfulfilled life of disengagement and a meaningful life of discovery in profound, life-changing conversations. You will rediscover the importance of quality, as opposed to quantity, in your communication and relationships.

Paperback: 200 pages
Credo House Publishers


Bring Him to Me
Sally Ann Zito

Abandoned. Abused. Rejected. But no one is beyond the reach of God.

By the time Frank Majewski is twelve years old he has all the makings of a juvenile delinquent. Arrested multiple times, he spends much of his junior high school years behind bars.

Then, in 1969, eighteen-year-old Frank is introduced to Jesus Christ and begins a new life. He shares his faith with everyone he meets: drug addicts, bikers, hippies. Soon Frank is preaching to crowds of young people and becomes one of Detroit’s most powerful evangelists. Bring Him to Me is Frank’s story.

Paperback: 304 pages
Credo House Publishers


God Is Good All the Time
Kenneth L. Barker

Through a career dedicated to Bible translation and seminary instruction, Dr. Barker recounts his life and times from humble beginnings to Hebrew scholarship to lead translator of the world’s bestselling book, the New International Version of the Holy Bible.

Paperback: 100 pages
Credo House Publishers