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Liberate Your Praying Heart
John W. Frye

Are you ready to become deeply confident about your prayer life?

“In this bold book, John Frye informs his readers that one by one they are born to pray and are praying far more than they perhaps know.”

— From the Foreword by Dr. Scot X. McKnight
author of Praying with the Church

Paperback: 112 pages
Credo House Publishers


In Over My Head
Ammie Bouwman

Have you ever struggled with something that you thought was too big for God? Perhaps it was a failed marriage or bankruptcy or maybe even an illness that you were told you would have for the rest of your life? Ammie Bouwman struggled with each of these things and more, and she discovered that when she finally admitted she was in over her head and needed God to restore her life, that was when He reached down and pulled her up from the depths of her darkness. This is her story.

Paperback: 160 pages
Credo House Publishers


A Sense of Direction
Mary Beth Oostenbrug

When asked to describe herself during an interview, Mary Beth Oostenbrug had no words other than wife and mother. Nothing to describe herself as a person. This was the beginning of her search for her identity, which caused her marriage to end. Throughout her thirties and forties, Mary Beth used life’s hardships as well as daily joys to find her way to the center of who she is, a servant of God. Her journey includes surviving a divorce, raising four sons while earning a degree, losing a son and many other events that all caused her to develop an inner strength and greater faith that continue to guide her through life’s challenges.

Paperback: 248 pages
Credo House Publishers


Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees: Devotions for Young Children
Susan Damon, illustrated by Scott Holladay

Enter a child’s world, a world of popcorn clouds and bubblegum trees, a world of imagination and adventure and fun—but also a world where a loving God is never far away.

Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees is a book of twenty-six story-devotionals, one for each letter of the alphabet, meant to be read to young children from ages 4 to 8. Actually, the whole family will enjoy listening in on these imaginative and lively stories that gently lead us into the presence of God. Each story is accompanied by a brief Scripture reading and a suggested prayer.

Paperback: 64 pages
Credo House Publishers


A Spoonful of Grace
Annette Hubbell

About two minutes! That’s how long it takes to read each of these mealtime reflections. A Spoonful of Grace is a collection of 366 thought-provoking, gratitude-building, supercharged daily graces. Each prayer is accompanied by a companion Bible verse and a conversation starter—impactful yet brief enough to hold the attention of hungry kids.

Paperback: 444 pages
Credo House Publishers


Yogadevotion: Practicing in the Presence
Cindy Senarighi, Heidi Green

Yogadevotion is a book of weekly devotions for use in a pose-based, asana practice. The devotions will deepen your practice experience and create additional space for God to be present in your life. Each week’s devotion opens with Scripture from the Old Testament or New Testament and includes the contemplative practices of reading sacred text, reflection, meditation, and breath prayer. The devotions describe a practice of faith lived both on and off of the yoga mat, leading to spiritual growth and healing.

Paperback: 186 pages
Credo House Publishers