The Elevate Paradigm

Zachary Malito
There is something fundamentally missing in modern leadership. Humility has been replaced with popularity. Selflessness has been replaced with celebrity. Security has been replaced with envy. Leadership is too often seen as a means of achieving greatness. A position that, once attained, affords a person authority, status, and celebrity. This modern leadership paradigm can be seen in businesses, politics, nonprofits, and even churches.

The result of this type of leadership is a dysfunctional culture marked by followers who are discouraged, scared, burnt out, plateaued, and desperate for something different.

But there is good news!

There is a better way to lead.

In this book, author Zachary Malito will walk you through the three character qualities and five practices that create the Elevate Paradigm. Through story, practical examples, and clear principles, you will be equipped to apply the Elevate Paradigm in whatever leadership context you find yourself.

The Elevate Paradigm is an others-centered approach to leadership that will bring out the best in others, transform culture, and create lasting impact.

Paperback: 240 pages
Credo House Publishers