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When Sucess Isn’t Enough
Mary Detweiler

If you have everything you ever wanted and still feel empty inside . . .
If you have achieved everything you ever wanted to achieve and still feel inadequate . . .
If you would like to feel okay about yourself regardless of what others think of you . . .
If you would you like to possess an unshakeable internal peace and joy which does not change when circumstances change . . .
If you would you like to experience a constant internal security which never gets shaken no matter what the world throws at you . . .
this book is for you.

Paperback: 216 pages
Credo House Publishers


[Un]Intentional (Audio)
Doug Smith

New Audiobook Edition! Most of us are unintentional with screens, but tech industry architects intentionally make their content distracting, manipulative, and addictive.

[Un]Intentional shows how our obsession with screens often takes us—unintentionally—to places we regret. It reveals the way many apps, games, and videos are designed to entice us to make decisions and form harmful habits that profit the creators at our expense.

[Un]Intentional helps you break free by guiding you through proven biblical practices to reclaim your thought life, make good decisions, and fulfill your God-given mission.

Credo House Publishers


Until There’s More Than Enough
Jason Weber

Gleaning from the experience of dozens of government, nonprofit, and faith leaders from across the country, Until There’s More than Enough represents a set of principles and practices that will help advocates, churches, and organizations in your community work together to transform foster care.

More than enough for kids and families before, during, and beyond foster care can happen where you live. Believe it’s possible. Do your part. Do it together.

Paperback: 240 pages
Credo House Publishers


Running with God
Greg Vick

Author Greg Vick brings a wealth of personal stories and insights to his books through a wide variety of career and lifetime experiences. In Running with God, follow his unique trail of discovery of both God and running and how that partnership opens up His world on every step together.

See, hear, and feel God’s presence through Greg’s journey and sense the trust he has in Him. With mottoes like, “Trust God, just do it,” and “Do your best, and let God do the rest,” he “runs” with God’s urgings on his daily pathways.

Paperback: 140 pages
Credo House Publishers


The Test
Jenn Gregory

“Will they pass that new test . . . ?” Little Star asks Moon and all of us as we struggle through our challenges. The Test dares us, young and old, to choose hope. The Class of 2020 acts as our ambassadors of this hope as they lead us through our story, helping us realize that the best answers are not always found by studying, but by living.

Paperback: 24 pages
Credo House Publishers


Second Mother
Jodi Jackson Tucker

Are you a child’s “Second Mother”? Then you are living a life that only other second mothers understand. Your family is complicated and imperfect and messy. We get it. What you need most is encouragement, the wisdom of Scripture and other moms like you.

This interactive workbook is all about your unique journey as a Second Mother. An uplifting six-part Bible study will point you to stories like yours in Scripture. Coloring and journaling pages provide creative space for reflection. And there is a guide for facilitating a group with other Second Moms.

Find strength for the journey. Don’t try to walk this path alone. Come along and join us at

Paperback: 136 pages
Credo House Publishers