Credo Catalog

Credo House Publishers, a division of Credo Communications, LLC, is the right provider of select publishing solutions that reach targeted audiences. Our innovative approach to custom publishing takes into account all the different complexities you’ll find yourself managing as you bring your message to readers. From creating the right cover, to crafting the editorial content, to assisting with marketing and distribution options, to managing the budget–the good people at Credo House Publishers are here to help.

Our over one hundred years of combined experience in book publishing and our commitment to brilliant results makes us the right partner for you. From market analysis and concept development to delivery of printer-ready files, Credo House Publishers is able to make the most of your time and budget. Check us out.

Credo House has released successful titles in the following genres: Fictional, Inspirational, Organizational, and Educational. Please check back often, as the list is growing. Ready to get started? First, please read the Publishing Guidelines carefully and then go to the Author Survey. Describe your project and yourself, and hit “Submit” for further consideration. The publisher will reply promptly by phone or return email.

Credo House Publishers is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Christian Small Publishers Association.