L.I.G.H.T. (Living in God’s Holy Truth)

Nancy Fujii

Do you think of your identity as how your family raised you? When people ask who you are, do you say I’m a mom or dad, or talk about your job? Do you define yourself by your successes or failures?

Confidently knowing your identity offers freedom from painful pasts, broken relationships, and empty idols. Yet so many of us struggle to get to this place.

Nancy Fujii knows this firsthand. After a traumatic childhood, she packed a suitcase and set her sights on a fresh start with a new identity. Struggling to find her true self, she tried controlling her life choices and began defining herself, which only led to self-destruction. Then she met Jesus, and her life turned upside-down.

If you want to experience freedom from trying to control your life and understand your true identity, this book is for you.

Paperback: 116 pages
Credo House Publishers