Let’s Talk!

Todd Pheifer

Conversation around complex topics can be difficult, particularly for the church. Division is not a new problem for congregations across the world. Addressing certain taboo subjects in today’s world can cause people to experience both fear and avoidance.

For the church, it does not have to be that way. Despite the many challenges to conversation, unity through dialogue is always possible. Unity as a church is not only an exciting prospect for effective ministry, it is a biblical mandate.

Let’s Talk! is an upbeat call for people to gather, ask questions, actively listen, and talk through issues to reach greater understanding and a path forward. The book provides both analysis of conversational hurdles and practical guidelines for fostering productive discussion. Written in an accessible, conversational tone, Let’s Talk! is a helpful guide for individuals and a developmental resource for small groups who will be guided by the end-of-chapter discussion questions.

Paperback: 216 pages
Credo House Publishers