Hosea: A Commentary

Gert A. van de Weerd
Hosea is a touchingly beautiful book where we find words of life. It has been called “the second-most beautiful story in the Holy Bible,” after the most beautiful story ever told, the history of Jesus Christ.

In Hosea: A Commentary Dutch scholar Gert A. van de Weerd explores the message of this ancient book for modern readers. He says, “The biblical book of Hosea speaks of a passionate love relationship between God and the people of Israel, but also of the grief of God when this relationship is ruptured. It unlocks a surprising amount of information about future events. All these events (to the extent that they are fulfilled to date) seem so perfectly in keeping with history that God’s hand becomes visible on every page of the book.”

Explore the secrets and surprises and wisdom of Hosea along with your Dutch guide.

Paperback: 456 pages
Credo House Publishers