Rescued for a Reason

Larry Van Oosten, Connie Van Oosten, A. L. Rogers

On a quiet Tuesday morning outside a small town in rural Illinois, when most people were just waking up to start their day . . . the unthinkable happened. A man wearing a black mask and holding a loaded gun abducted two regular people from their home. Blindfolded and forced into the trunk of a car, it was a nightmare right out of Hollywood, except this was no movie.

What could two grandparents living out in the country have that a madman would want?

How could this be happening in the same town where they had lived for years?

And how would they ever escape?

Rescued for a Reason recounts the abduction of Connie and Larry Van Oosten and the days of terror, uncertainty, and desperate prayers that preceded their escape. Written like a novel, this true- crime story seeks to answer the hardest question of all: why? Why did these horrific events happen? Is there a reason—a purpose—for all the pain and chaos?

Paperback: 160 pages
Credo House Publishers