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Loving Your Muslim Neighbor
Timothy and Miriam Harris

Muslim people are coming to America—to big cities and even to smaller towns. They come as immigrants to find a better life. They come as international students for a better education. And they come as refugees attempting to escape life-threatening danger in their home countries.

The question is, how are we going to respond to this large influx of Muslim people who have now become our neighbors?

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Wilderness Survival
James Molenbeek

Widlerness can be a place for renewal and adventure, but things occur in life that result in our feeling lost and vulnerable in uncharted places. These are our wilderness places, and many wonder if they will make it through them and survive. The Bible reveals how God sustains us through these times, and central to that are his gifts of faith, hope, and love. When we personally discover these in him and develop them in our lives, we are upheld and find our way step by step. These are tangible ways God leads us.

This 40-day devotional book is a guide to under- standing and developing faith, hope, and love in our daily lives. By using Scripture, a devotional message, worshipful use of Christian music, personal prayer, and reflection on art and pictures, the reader will experience an adventure with the living God, who has promised to remain with us in all times and places.

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A Word That Sustains
Ben Gates

Ben Gates makes the Word come alive! In his devotionals he draws you into the biblical setting and makes it relevant for your life. His wisdom to guide people in their spiritual journeys will lead you to a deeper, richer walk with the Lord.

—Melissa Montana, CEO/President, STAR Educational Media Network, STAR 88.3

Put together Ben’s vast experience in Christian leadership, a solid and vital understanding of Scripture, a devoted heart toward God, and a tender heart toward people, and you have a real, dynamic, and anointed devotional resource.

—Nigel James, Tour Pastor with the Christian Band Third Day, Cardiff, Wales

Ben insightfully illustrates and applies passages from the Bible, leaving an indelible image on the reader’s heart. His anecdotes flow from decades of study and college ministry designed to engage emerging leaders for Christ. You won’t want to put it down!

—Dr. Mitch Kruse, author of Restoration Road, Street Smarts from Proverbs, and Wisdom for the Road, and host of the television program and podcast, The Restoration Road with Mitch Kruse

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The Energy Account Principle
Kelley Wotherspoon

Do you ever feel as though you’ve lost yourself in your agenda, in your ambition, in your attempts at achieving self-worth? Do you pack your schedule so full that even the

slightest misstep can cause the entire day to come crashing down in a giant, fiery heap of chaos? Are you physically exhausted, mentally stretched, emotionally depleted, spiritually spent?

I lived in this unhealthy state for many years and, honestly, I still fight the urge to go back despite my mountain of lessons learned. It’s a tough habit to break. I’ve been down to the bottom of the crisis canyon and now I’m slowly climbing back out through the grace and stillness of Christ—a process that involves a concept I’ve created called The Energy Account Principle.

This life can be messy and confusing. It is so easy to get caught up in and focused on all the wrong things which, in turn, can take our eyes off of Jesus and place them on the things of this world that deplete our bodies, minds, and souls. I know because it happened to me. That is why I’m dedicated to telling my story; I hope it can help in the positive guidance of yours.

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The Honesty of the Psalms
Kelly Vander Woude

In The Honesty of the Psalms Kelly invites readers to not only read each psalm but also to grasp the backstory, context, and meaning, allowing them to engage with the psalmist through understanding what he says and how he feels. Kelly shares his struggles with every psalm and invites people to grapple with their own struggles by responding to three questions that guide to deeper personal reflection. If we affirm and believe in a holy God who loves unholy people, then we also must affirm that the space we are in, and the feelings we have, can be laid upon God in whatever time and context we find ourselves—knowing that the God of redemption still redeems.

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Hosea: A Commentary
Gert A. van de Weerd

Hosea is a touchingly beautiful book where we find words of life. It has been called “the second-most beautiful story in the Holy Bible,” after the most beautiful story ever told, the history of Jesus Christ.

In Hosea: A Commentary Dutch scholar Gert A. van de Weerd explores the message of this ancient book for modern readers. He says, “The biblical book of Hosea speaks of a passionate love relationship between God and the people of Israel, but also of the grief of God when this relationship is ruptured. It unlocks a surprising amount of information about future events. All these events (to the extent that they are fulfilled to date) seem so perfectly in keeping with history that God’s hand becomes visible on every page of the book.”

Explore the secrets and surprises and wisdom of Hosea along with your Dutch guide.

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