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Loving Your Muslim Neighbor
Timothy and Miriam Harris

Muslim people are coming to America—to big cities and even to smaller towns. They come as immigrants . . . to find a better life. They come as international students for a better education. And they come as refugees attempting to escape life-threatening danger in their home countries.

The question is, how are we going to respond to this large influx of Muslim people who have now become our neighbors? More

Wilderness Survival
James Molenbeek

Widlerness can be a place for renewal and adventure, but things occur in life that result in our . . . feeling lost and vulnerable in uncharted places. These are our wilderness places, and many wonder if they will make it through them and survive. The Bible reveals how God sustains us through these times, and central to that are his gifts of faith, hope, and love. When we personally discover these in him and develop them in our lives, we are upheld and find our way step by step. These are tangible ways God leads us.

This 40-day devotional book is a guide to under- standing and developing faith, hope, and love in our daily lives. By using Scripture, a devotional message, worshipful use of Christian music, personal prayer, and reflection on art and pictures, the reader will experience an adventure with the living God, who has promised to remain with us in all times and places. More