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We Before Me
Michael Gilpin

Getting the best out of your team is not something you can check off your to-do list and forget . . . about. Building a great culture that produces results that go beyond the sum of a team’s parts takes constant vigilance. There will be wins and failures along the way,
but a team’s intentional pursuit of excellence and mutual respect is what keeps the dream alive and well.

Join Michael Gilpin on some of the journeys his team has been through that have helped them live out these realities. In the process of building this culture, they’ve found purpose and motivation that has moved them well beyond just showing up for a job every day. The stories in We Before Me can transform a team’s perspective, reform a team’s culture, and become a lifestyle. And the results can become downright special. More

Wave by Wave
Cheryl Steele Tinsley

On July 3, 1980, Cheryl Steele Tinsley and three of her friends were caught in a deadly “freak . . . storm” on Lake Huron that meteorologists say only appear once every ten to twelve years. Only when the conditions are just right.

This story is filled with gripping details about how our lives are changed when we are faced with our mortality—how God speaks to us when we encounter the reality of death.

Read Wave by Wave and discover how God might deliver you from the storm you’re facing. More