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A Place to Belong
Lisa Steven, Susy Flory

Maybe you have an impossible dream, or even just a still, small voice stirring in your heart. Maybe . . . you are excited, terrified, and just plain confused all at the same time. Could it be that God would call you—ill-equipped as you are—to do something absolutely extraordinary with Him? If so, lean into that call. Because God still does miracles today—in your town, in your life, and in the lives of those you’re called to help. Along the way, He will surround you with the most amazing people to help make His calling a reality. A Place To Belong is the story of just how much God loves teen moms and their little ones, how He’s equipping them to break the cycle of generational poverty, and what He can do through you, if you just say yes. More
An Otherwise Healthy Person
Ron Jansen

Through a series of short stories and vignettes, follow the journey of a Marine squad leader as he . . . leads thirteen men through intense, confusing, and deadly battles in and around Fallujah during a time when local tribes first began to turn against the Al Qaeda-backed insurgency. After surviving the war abroad, he returns home, assuming the fight is over, only to realize that the battle for his heart and soul is only just beginning.

Both harrowing and heart-warming (and at times even hilarious), An Otherwise Healthy Person gives a first-person account of the reality of war, the cost of love, and hope for what can happen through true surrender. More