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Don’t Let Schooling Get in the Way of Education
Darrow L. Miller

STATE-RUN SCHOOLING IS IN CRISIS. With alarming speed, our public schools have dropped any pretense . . . of religious neutrality. As a result, our children are adrift in a sea of relativism. Many are abandoning Christianity, and those who don’t are left with an enfeebled faith that matters only one day a week. Genuine educational reform will require more than a new curriculum. It will demand an entirely different philosophy of education. Darrow Miller and a group of outside-the box educational revolutionaries will help you re-discover a compellingly biblical approach. Begin your journey of educational rediscovery in the pages of this book. More
Wisdom for the Road
Mitch Kruse

Wisdom for the Road is a daily devotional for active marketplace and ministry leaders who need . . . wisdom to discern every encounter. This 365-day journey will restore the listener’s heart at every turn and equip leaders to reflect his wisdom in their personal and professional lives, including the relationships that surround them. Every purchase, task, decision, and relationship rests on unlocking the heart to restoration and receiving the wisdom only God provides through his Word.

Available in leather, audio, and ebook editions. More