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Tommy Tablet Takes Australia
Julie Prantera

Julie Prantera’s latest children’s book shares a new adventure with her young friends and family . . . with the aim of promoting literacy around the world. Tommy’s adventures continue to span the globe and provide an exciting way to see the world from a tablet’s point of view. More
Taking Care of Me
Teresa Payne

This book uses poetry and story to guide people closer to everything they deserve—in relationships . . . and life. This work of art is designed for everyone as the messages speak to matters of the heart, a zeal for life, and an unwavering love for family and friends.

It is perfect for anyone on their journey to finding happiness, love, and truth, and for people who may have lost their way or are just looking to put the pieces back together again. It’s about taking risk, going for your dreams, recognizing who you are, and turning challenges into triumphs. Are you ready? More