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18 Days of Grace

Nate Weeber, Anna Weeber | Buy Now

A Limp of Faith

Suzanne Rood | Buy Now

A Sense of Direction

Mary Beth Oostenbrug | Buy Now

A Spoonful of Grace

Annette Hubbell | Buy Now

Adelina Aviator

Jessica Vana | Buy Now

ALL IN Orphan Care

Jason Johnson | Buy Now

An Unlikely Discipler

Cary K. Curry, Dann Denny | Buy Now

Angelia’s Story

Angelia Thornton | Buy Now

Before We Said Hello

Becky Nordquist | Buy Now

Billy & Dave: From Brokenness to Blessedness

Bill and Helen Brownson (Words of Hope) | Buy Now

Bring Him to Me

Sally Ann Zito | Buy Now

Celebrating Christmas

Amy Boucher Pye, Leo Pye | Buy Now

Daddy, Why Are You Going to Jail?

Stephen P. Lawson, Elyse Harvey Lawson, Blake S. Lawson | Buy Now

Divine Opportunity

Ryan Montague | Buy Now

Empty Branch: A Memoir

Marilyn Weisenburg | Buy Now


Lisa Lewis Koster | Buy Now

Eyes Wide Open

Steve DeWitt | Buy Now

Fancy Pants Finds True Beauty

Deb Woodard, Rachel Baines | Buy Now

Following Christ

Scott Gruber | Buy Now

Fulfilling the King’s Mission

Betty Ivie Nwabineli | Buy Now

God Is Good All the Time

Kenneth L. Barker | Buy Now

God’s Job, Our Job

Michael Wm. Schick | Buy Now

Grow in Faith toward Maturity

Deborah J. Nayrocker | Buy Now

Helping People Grow

John Dehnert | Buy Now

Holding on for Life

Jeff R. Brooks | Buy Now

I Am Hagar

Kinita Kadnar Schripsema | Buy Now

I Am Third

Kinita Schripsema | Buy Now

I Heart Heaven

Tracy H. Goza, Ph.D. | Buy Now

I Remember When

Mary Dykstra | Buy Now


Matthew Connally | Buy Now

Immeasurably More

Linda Aalderink | Buy Now

In Over My Head

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence

Philip Darke and Keith McFarland | Buy Now

In Spirit and in Truth

Brian D’souza | Buy Now

Leaning on God’s Hope

Jamie Tidd, Ann Byle | Buy Now

Leaving a Legacy

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Live Healthy, Live Whole

Carol Peters-Tanksley, MD, DMin | Buy Now

Living on the Waves

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

Looking for God

Ammie Bouwman | Buy Now

Loving Your Muslim Neighbor

Timothy and Miriam Harris | Buy Now

Marriage Rendezvous

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now


Joan M. Borton | Buy Now


Jay Morris | Buy Now

Mountains of Mercy

Lavone D. Genzink, with Latayne C. Scott | Buy Now

My Father Journey

Edward Wandell | Buy Now

Mysterious Ways

Heather Groth | Buy Now

No Border Land

Tom Graffagnino | Buy Now

Perfect Timing

Roy M. Jones | Buy Now

Pizza Man

Jerry Thompson with Ines I. Perez-Thompson, illustrated by Nancy Munger | Buy Now

Popcorn Clouds and Bubblegum Trees: Devotions for Young Children

Susan Damon, illustrated by Scott Holladay | Buy Now

Ready for More

Sara Blakeney | Buy Now

Reframing Foster Care

Jason Johnson | Buy Now

Religious Rebels

Christy Lynne Wood | Buy Now

Rescued for a Reason

Larry Van Oosten, Connie Van Oosten, A. L. Rogers | Buy Now


Mitch Bakker | Buy Now

Restoration Road

Mitch Kruse with Derek Williams | Buy Now


Pat Nemmers | Buy Now

Seasonings: Autumn

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Spring

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Summer

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Seasonings: Winter

Donna L. Huisjen | Buy Now

Second Mother

Jodi Jackson Tucker | Buy Now

Seek Ye First

Karen Lafferty, Becky Hefty | Buy Now

Seeking God

Steven L. Skahn | Buy Now

Sentenced to Life

Joan Becker | Buy Now

Seven Boxes

Dr. Bobbi Alba | Buy Now

Shelby Finds Her Family

Barbara Groendyk, Rachel Baines | Buy Now

So You’re Gonna Be A Dad

Scott Patchin (Moments for Fathers) | Buy Now


Clementine M. Msengi | Buy Now

Spiritual Fitness

Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell | Buy Now

Stay Married for Life

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Still with God

Sue McCormack | Buy Now


Stephen McCormick | Buy Now

Taking Care of Me

Teresa Payne | Buy Now

The Circle of Life

Linda Bauters | Buy Now

The Healing of Jabez

John W. Mauck (Mauck & Baker, LLC) | Buy Now

The Honesty of Lamentations

Kelly Vander Woude | Buy Now

The Honesty of the Psalms

Kelly Vander Woude | Buy Now

The Indwelling

Dr. Ferdinand Nweke | Buy Now

The Words: Jesus of Nazareth

Lee Cantelon, editor | Buy Now

Three Little Decisions

Janet K. Marks | Buy Now

Thrill: When Normal Is Not Enough

Karl Clauson (Lifelane 180) | Buy Now

Tommy Tablet at Niagara Falls

Julie Prantera, illustrated by Kevin Finkbeiner | Buy Now


Steve Siler | Buy Now

Twice Blessed

Shelly Genovese-Calhoun | Buy Now

Two Stories of Everything

Duane Alexander Miller | Buy Now

Two to One

Dan Seaborn and Peter Newhouse, Ph.D. (Winning At Home) | Buy Now

Unlocking Love

Stacey Szczepanski | Buy Now


Jamie Bennett | Buy Now

Vessels that Thrive

Dr. Ryan E. Bentley | Buy Now


Stephen A. Imbeau, Robert A. Norris | Buy Now

Wave by Wave

Cheryl Steele Tinsley | Buy Now

When God Showed Up

Ben Patterson | Buy Now

Where Is Chloe?

Donna A. Wilkins, M.D., illustrated by Nancy Munger | Buy Now

Wilderness Survival

James Molenbeek | Buy Now

Yogadevotion: Practicing in the Presence

Cindy Senarighi, Heidi Green | Buy Now


Doug Smith | Buy Now